Principal Investigator

Administrative Assistant

  • Ms. Michelle Graham

Graduate Researchers (scroll down* for Ph.D./M.S. alumni)

  • Mr. Yu-Cheng Wang (Ph.D. student, 8/18-present)
  • Mr. Ahmed Allam (Ph.D. student, 1/18-present)
  • Ms. Yiwei Xia (Ph.D. student, 1/17-present)
  • Mr. Chris Sugino (Ph.D. student, 8/15-present)
  • Ms. Adriane G. Moura (Ph.D. student, 8/15-present)
  • Mr. David Tan (Ph.D. student, 8/14-present)

Visiting Scholars (Professors/Postdocs/Students)

  • Mr. Thibaut Barrion, France (3/19-present)
  • Dr. Salih Alan, Turkey (7/18-present)
  • Mr. Soo-Ho Jo, Korea (1/19-3/19)
  • Mr. Yan-Alan Le Dault, France (9/18-1/19)
  • Dr. Vagner Candido de Sousa, Brazil (8/17-8/18)
  • Mr. Masaaki Aramaki, Japan (11/17-2/18)
  • Mr. Jose Augusto Dias, Brazil (9/16-8/17)
  • Mr. Tarcisio Silva, Brazil (8/15-8/16)
  • Ms. Vinciane Guillot, France (3/16-8/16)
  • Dr. Carlos De Marqui Jr., Brazil (10/15-4/16)
  • Dr. Dongxing Cao, China (8/14-8/15)

Undergraduate Researchers

  • Mr. Mark Saad (senior student, 1/19-5/19)
  • Mr. Alex Kemenov (senior student, 1/18-12/18)
  • Mr. Nathaniel Stowe (senior student, 1/18-5/18)
  • Mr. Paul Yavarow (junior student, 1/17-8/17)
  • Ms. Yiwei Xia (senior student, 1/16-8/16)
  • Mr. Fahad Vora (senior student, 1/16-8/16)
  • Mr. Oliver Wellstein (senior student, 1/16-8/16)
  • Mr. Seung Yoon Lee (junior student, 1/15-12/15)
  • Mr. Jin Sol Kim (junior student, 8/14-12/14)
  • Mr. Brian Ferri (senior student, 5/14-12/14)
  • Mr. Matthew Fronk (senior student, 1/14-5/14)
  • Mr. Pratik Jain (senior student, 1/13-9/13)

K12 Teachers & Students

  • Mr. Nick Gong (5/18-6/18)
  • Mr. Karl Lee (5/17-6/17)
  • Ms. Karina Scott (6/16-7/16)
  • Dr. Nate Brady (5/16-6/16)
  • Mr. Liam Oweida (5/16-6/16)
  • Dr. Ken Gafford (6/15-7/15)

*Alumni with Thesis/Dissertation

  • Dr. Serife Tol (completed Ph.D. dissertation on “Structure-borne Elastic Wave Energy Harvesting Enhanced by Metamaterial Concepts” 8/12-5/17, co-advised by Dr. F. Levent Degertekin). Current position: Assistant Professor (tenure-track), Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Michigan – Ann Arbor
  • Dr. Ellen Skow (completed Ph.D. dissertation on “Harvesting Energy from Acoustic Pressure Fluctuations within Hydraulic Systems via Excitation of Piezoelectric Stacks” 8/11-5/17, co-advised by Dr. Ken A. Cunefare). Current position: Noise and Vibration Engineer, Apple Inc.
  • Dr. Stephen Leadenham (completed Ph.D. dissertation on “Advanced Concepts in Nonlinear Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting: Intentionally Designed, Inherently Present, and Circuit Nonlinearities“, 8/12-8/15). Current position: Mechanical Engineer, Defense Technologies Engineering Division, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
  • Dr. Shima Shahab (completed Ph.D. dissertation on “Vibration Energy Harvesting, Biomimetic Actuation, and Contactless Acoustic Energy Transfer in a Quiescent Fluid Domain“, 5/13-8/15). Current position: Assistant Professor (tenure-track), Department of Mechanical Engineering, Virginia Tech
  • Mr. Bharat Kathpalia (completed M.S. with thesis on “Methods of Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting from Human Body Motions“, 8/16-11/18). Current position: Accepted an offer to join Tesla Inc. as of 1/19
  • Ms. Sihong Zhao (completed M.S. with thesis on “Energy Harvesting from Random Vibration of Piezoelectric Cantilevers and Stacks“, 8/11-5/13). Current position: Structural Analyst, Multiphysics Simulation Group, FMC Technologies
  • Mr. Algan Samur (completed M.S. with thesis on “Flexible Piezoelectric Composites and Concepts for Bio-Inspired Dynamic Bending-Twisting Actuation“, 8/11-5/13). Current position: Design Engineer, TEI/General Electric Marmara Technology Center
  • Mr. Lejun Cen (completed M.S. with thesis on “Fish-like Locomotion Using Flexible Piezoelectric Composites for Untethered Aquatic Robotics“, 8/11-12/12). Current position: Automation Engineer, Schlumberger

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