Some of the major equipment in SSDSL are listed below:

  • Polytec PSV 400 and PSV 500 scanning Laser Doppler Vibrometer (LDV) systems
  • Polytec PSV 2000 scanning LDV system
  • Polytec OFV 5000/505 single-point LDV head and controller (with displacement and velocity decoders)
  • Polytec PDV-100 single-point LDVs
  • Two large Newport optical tables with active leveling
  • LDS exciter systems in 2, 5, 10 and 50 lbf range, and associated power supplies
  • APS-113 long-stroke shaker and APS-125 amplifier
  • APS-400 long-stroke shaker and APS-145 amplifier
  • SPEKTRA VCS-201 shaker controller
  • Impact hammers, accelerometers, and force transducers
  • Preamplifiers, power supplies, signal conditioners, and calibrators
  • Micro-Epsilon displacement sensor
  • Futek submersible load cell
  • Accelerometer calibrators
  • SigLab analyzer systems
  • Computer controlled rotational positioner system
  • Computer controlled X-Y positioner system
  • NI Data acquisition systems
  • High-voltage Trek amplifiers (Models 2220, PZD350A)
  • Wide-range d33 meter
  • Newport mirrors, mounts, posts, and bases
  • Computers with various software (MATLAB, COMSOL, ANSYS, …)
  • Labview and Dspace systems
  • Jet Stream wind tunnel
  • ELD water tunnel
  • Water tanks