Welcome to SSDSL@Gatech

The Smart Structures and Dynamical Systems Laboratory (SSDSL) is located in the Woodruff School of Mechanical Engineering at Georgia Institute of Technology and led by Dr. Alper Erturk, Associate Professor and Woodruff Faculty Fellow.

The theoretical and experimental research program of SSDSL aims to address ever-changing high-impact engineering problems at the intersection of smart structures and dynamical systems. Such interdisciplinary research problems pertaining to dynamics of smart structures are inherently of multiphysics nature. Examples range from electroelastic structures undergoing vibrations coupled with fluid/acoustic domain to waveguides involving metamaterials or phononic crystals coupled through smart material interfaces with linear/nonlinear electrical circuits for various applications such as energy harvesting and vibration attenuation.

Current sponsored research topics at SSDSL include nonlinear energy harvesting (e.g. exploiting designed nonlinearities, understanding inherent mechanical and electrical nonlinearities, etc.), bio-inspired actuation and aquatic locomotion using flexible piezoelectric composites, locally resonant passive and active metamaterials for low-frequency vibration attenuation, elastoacoustic wave guiding and harvesting via phononic crystals involving smart materials, wireless power transfer using ultrasound, exploiting size effects in electro-elastodynamics of solid dielectrics at the nano-scale, vibration/vibroacoustics of biological systems (e.g. skull-brain dynamics), among other topics. We invite you to visit our research and publications pages for more information.